Our Memories


Chandler Anderson - January 2020

For these past thirteen years, Spotlight has helped me develop not only as a dancer but as a person too. The instructors are all fantastic dancers and teachers but also wonderful people that have helped build my confidence in dancing as well as my confidence outside the studio. In addition, Spotlight has also taught me how to be genuine through dance and in life. The classes at Spotlight focus on technique that has certainly helped me as I tried out and made my high school dance team and eventually become captain. It has certainly been a privilege to dance at Spotlight for as long as I have. 

Samantha Ravich - November 2019

My husband and I just wanted to write a quick note commending you on an outstanding performance last evening in Kilmarnock. We live in Alexandria and come down to the NN on the weekends and were invited to the event. Frankly, we weren’t sure what to expect. We were blown away by the Spotlight dancers and the choreography! We appreciated the truly talented dancers (of whom there were many!) but also that the less accomplished were given their chance to shine. Again, congratulations and best wishes!


Samantha Hannon - January 2019

I feel extremely grateful for seven years with the Spotlight family and  I truly have enjoyed every second teaching at Spotlight! I wish you all  the best. Truly!

Kris Cox - January 2019

I want to personally thank Spotlight for all you have done for my girls. Your dedication to the students is unparalleled and the experiences that they have had are second to none. They have grown so much over the years and the training received at Spotlight has prepared them to take the next step. 

Dawn Carson - May 2018

My daughter has been dancing at Spotlight for 13 years!  I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for the amazing dance instructors that pour their heart and soul into my child everyday!  My daughter has made lifelong friendships and has grown as a dancer and a person.   Spotlight is truly a family.

Charity Wheeler - March 2018

My 5 year old just started at Spotlight in January and we have been so happy! Her teacher is fabulous--she makes class so fun. The price for classes is super affordable and communication has been great! We will definitely be sticking with Spotlight in the future.

Michele Hart - October 2017

Excellent dance instruction!  Teachers and owner are very invested in the dancers.  My teen daughter has danced in company for 7 years.  She loves it!  It has not only developed her as a dancer, but also given her confidence and a sense of community.


Mrs. Reed - August, 2017

Mary has had an awesome experience at Spotlight.  She has enjoyed every minute of her time with you all.  I know she will miss everyone next year.

Nicole Quick - August, 2017

My son has been dancing with Spotlight Studio of Dance for 7 years. In that time, he has grown in his dancing talent; but most importantly his love for his community and his compassion for others has developed.  I know that Spotlight Studio of Dance has been such an inspiration.  The  instructors not only are professional and creative, but they create an environment that harbors their student's gifts and talents individually.  Spotlight Studio of Dance is constantly aware of the dynamics and changes our world faces and allows students to express themselves and/or these events artistically. I am always in awe with the amount of charitable work, team building, and HEART, the studio puts into EVERY season. The students are truly receiving an irreplaceable education at  Spotlight Studio of Dance. I am so happy and proud to be apart of this family.


The Sneed Family - June, 2017

We would like to say thank you for a wonderful recital and for your hard  work and dedication with our girls.  Our daughter has made strides in not only dance, but helping to be a leader with her sisters and supporting their dance endeavors.  Our younger daughter has grown to know that she has a role to play and that she is a part of a team.  She has embraced her leadership role at home as well as in other circles.   We are proud of them both and we appreciate you and your staff for the part you play in our lives.  You are a part of our village and we thank you.

The Prior Family - June, 2017

Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for our daughter, all year long and for putting on a fantastic recital!  Have a great summer!

Lisa Hill - June, 2017

The production was INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you for all you do for our dancers.  I love you and Spotlight Studio of Dance!!!  I can't believe we only have 3 years left!

Kathy (and the entire Frazier Family) - May, 2017

Congratulations to you on a spectacular set of performances.  Truly.  You have raised talented and beautiful dancers, inside and out.  But the show!  That was incredible!   The heart and soul that went into this.  From the families, to the content and right down to the hospitality.  Thank you and the staff for all that you do, the many hours, and so much love.  Know that you all are loved ten times back!!  Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

The Blizzard Family - May, 2017

The recital was amazing!! We loved loved loved loved loved it. Loved how everything flowed quickly and amazing theme. Loved the Henrico Theater.  Loved the intermission appetizers.  Hope we have it there next year. It was AWESOME!!  The family loved it too.  Again, the recital was AWESOME!!  Loved loved loved loved it.. our daughter is incredibly  blessed to be part of Spotlight. Our family is All In and we thank you for all you do, Pam and Kelly. We love you.

Sue Henneberry - May, 2017

Thank you...beautiful show!!!! Loved not only how much all the company kids have grown but how the show showcased it with the seamless transitions. So many great numbers!!! Thank you for a great senior send off for Meg ❤️!!!!


The Scanlon Family - May, 2017

We so enjoyed the show !! Once again, it was awesome and we are so thankful for you and your staff!

The Wright Family - April, 2017

Thank you so much for being a positive influence on [my daughter's] life.  Great memories!

The Jones Family - January, 2017

Thank you for an overwhelmingly positive experience at Spotlight!  Kelly is always so helpful, cheerful and informative and Miss Adelle is absolutely amazing with the boys!!!

Ms. Erwin - January, 2017

THANK YOU just isn't enough to describe the most wonderful experience you allowed us to have at Spotlight.  Many blessings to each of you and all of the dancers at Spotlight Studio. Thank you from my heart.

The Reimiller Family - December, 2016

My daughter absolutely loves dance class and asks every day (multiple times!) if it is Thursday. Thank you so much for making it such a special time for her.  We are so thankful that she gets to have such a fun time each week.  She picked out the ornament and insisted on the pen (for your Christmas gift).  She said, "Miss Kelly will love this!"  She talks about you all the time and dances all around at home.

The Longest Family - June, 2016

The recital, the year, and my daughter's experiences over the years have just been amazing! Thank you again [Miss Kelly] for sharing your love of dance with her.  Thank you for teaching her how to find tremendous joy in dancing and in making others smile. You have truly been a shining light in her life, and for that, we will forever be grateful!


Carrie Reavis, Chapter Event Planner - April, 2016

On behalf of Zeta Chapter I sincerely thank you for your support; and to the "Spotlight Dancers" Kudos for an outstanding performance at our "River City Luau" Conference Dance.  Wow ... Your dancers were highly rated by all members and guest attendees.  We remain indeed grateful to "Spotlight Studio" for your excellence in performance that made our Conference Luau Dance a great success.

Sarah Duko - April, 2016

Thank you Kelly :) And an awesome job done by Pam and Company at Grange Hall last night. Victoria was so excited to see them at her school.  She was telling all her friends "That's MY dance school!!"  We all really enjoyed the show and the kids had so much fun with the limbo :)

LaWanda Raines - April, 2016

As I can see the light at the end of two and a half intense years of school, I wanted to take the time to say thank you.  Amil has made new friends, learned a lot, and has instructors that appreciate and push her.  With out your generosity, her studio life may not have been as full while I was in school.  Also, professionally, I want to say thank you.  Often to reach one’s goals we must juggle situations.  I am deeply grateful for your flexibility in scheduling.  Looking forward to next season.

Michele Richards - April, 2016

My daughter dances here, and she loves it!

Sridevi Kone - March, 2016

Would never be the dancer I am without spotlight studio! The studio has such a unique atmosphere; it's nurturing, but you are pushed, friendly, but classes are serious.  Not to mention they welcome everyone!  This place isn't just any neighborhood studio. 

Jennifer Stanley - February, 2016

We have been lucky enough to be a part of Spotlight Studio for over 7 years.  Both my daughters dance at the studio and have loved every minute of it.  The studio does not just teach children how to dance, but more importantly they provide guidance, the importance of believing in yourself, and most of all, loving yourself for who you are. These fundamental concepts have been instrumental in the success of my girls and the ability to have the confidence to dance their hearts away.  They offer a variety of dance classes from children to adult and events children can participate in to give back to the community.


Timm Marshall - February, 2016

Great company to do business with.  Kelly is absolutely great to work with and made my experience so delightful.

Lisa Kotasek - November, 2015

On behalf on our Brownie Scout Troop #5410, We wanted to thank you for  providing a wonderful dance program so we could earn our merit badge.  The girls had a great time learning different steps and it is so wonderful for Spotlight Studio to offer this community program!  It gave them a glimpse of how it feels to be a dancer and they really enjoyed  themselves!

L. Wagoner - October, 2015

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, kindness, and patience while our family tried to figure out  which class would be the best fit for our daughter.  We are so thrilled to have met Miss Adelle!  She welcomed my daughter right in and met her where she was; providing acceptance, nurturing, structure, expertise, and flexibility while keeping it fun.  My daughter looks forward to class each week...and so do we!  Thanks again for all that you do. The sincere enthusiasm and love you both have for dance and your students shows. We hope to see our daughter grow up dancing and getting involved in the other arts programs within the Spotlight community.

Miss Betty - September, 2015

I had the pleasure of watching your performance in Kilmarnock, Virginia.  Your dancers are so talented and I could really feel their love and joy for dance.  I thought I was watching a Broadway show!  I live in Richmond and I can't wait to see your recital at the Carpenter Theatre.  Please let me know when tickets go on sale.  I really don't want to miss this!

Doug Atkins - June, 2014

I wanted to congratulate you and your staff and especially your dancers on a wonderful Spring Extravaganza.  I have to admit it I was DREADING attending the full performance (I knew it was 3 hours long). However, much to my pleasant surprise, I was highly entertained by all the  performances (not just the 2 dances my daughter was in).  I was blown away by the professionalism of your older dancers. They were really, really good.  Congratulations!

Leandra Siljanoski - January, 2014

Our troop would like to thank you once again for the class you provided to our girls. They had a blast!  Many of them have never taken a dance class before, and it was such a wonderful new experience for them.  Thank you.


Joanne Haynie - October, 2013

I am so happy that everything worked beyond my expectation for our  (Kilmarnock) show. In all our years of doing this I think this has been  the best one. Spotlight Studio has such a wonderful group of people to  work with. The young people were so nice and polite. Wonderful dancers! I  just can’t say enough good things about all of you. It is so refreshing  to see so many enthusiastic young people work together. Pam and her  team have done a wonderful job with them. All of the performers, adults  and young people are very special and have been given a special gift. I  look forward to seeing you all again and can’t wait to see what you all  do next. Take care and God Bless all of you.

Sue Ghosh - October, 2013

I wanted to let you know that Sarina had a fabulous costume/birthday party at Spotlight.  In addition, Crystal was very accommodating and led a lovely party.

Loren Raechelle Williams - July, 2013

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how awesome your adult  classes and instructors are. I’m taking Adult Jazz with Samantha and  Hip-hop with Keith and they are both fabulous. I've taken adult classes  at several other studios in the area and was extremely disappointed.  Kelly Atkinson referred me to Spotlight and I am so impressed with the  quality of the instructors and delighted to take an adult class that is  challenging. Your instructors take their profession seriously and have  expressed through movement and their words how to dance strong, from the  heart and always with passion. I will never ‘outgrow’ dance and  appreciate taking classes that really push even adult dancers! 

Robyn Dahl - April, 2013

We've been a Spotlight Studios family since fall 2008, when my youngest daughter Jenna was in Kindergarten.  We chose Spotlight because it was conveniently located to where we lived and we had heard good things about the studio.  We had no idea how much we would fall in love  with the studio and everyone there! Spotlight Studios employs people who not only care about teaching children to dance, but they care about the whole child. Through their dance instruction they also teach responsibility, respect, and working together cooperatively as a group.  Even though they are serious about dance, there is a relaxed family atmosphere about the  studio.  While their children are in class, many parents wait on very comfortable couches and talk with each other.  There must be hundreds of families whose children dance at Spotlight and it impresses me that everyone including the owner Pam Butler, knows my name and who my child  is.  Jenna loves dancing there so much that this past year she made the commitment to join one of the dance companies and she couldn't be happier.  Now that the arts studio has been added, my oldest daughter  Sydney decided she wanted to join the Spotlight family as well and so  she started taking the Teen Triple Threat class with Ms. Allison.  She enjoyed it so much and spoke so highly of it that Jenna asked if she could take the Tween Triple Threat class (on top of all the hours she dances already at Spotlight).  Jenna absolutely adores the class!  My daughters have truly never been happier!  Spotlight Studios has brought so much joy into our family!  There is no place we’d rather dance.  I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a dance studio to look no further than Spotlight Studio, you will not be sorry.

Kumar Maniv - March, 2013

Hello, thank you for presenting “Your Children” at the Virginia Dance  Festival. It was awesome! We loved the choreography and the performance  by the children. What also caught my attention were the beautiful  lyrics. It was so true, so applicable to all families with children.  Parents need that kind of reinforcement every now and then.

Stephanie Crockett - May, 2012

What a fantastic show at the Carpenter Theater! Thank you so much for that opportunity!  I was awe struck on that stage and just couldn't believe I was there! Definitely a feather in my cap and I will never forget the excitement and pride I felt just being there with all of the Spotlight dancers! Thank you!! 


Carson, Teresa, and Mattie Rogers - May, 2012

Mattie, her father, and I want to thank you and the staff at Spotlight Studio of Dance for your support and encouragement of her over the years. To say that Spotlight is like a part of our family is an understatement. We want you to know that we have enjoyed every minute that she has been at Spotlight.  We will take with us so many special memories and friendships that we  hope will endure in spite of the changes.  It is our plan to stay in touch as we continue to support Spotlight Studio of the Arts. We wish you great success as you expand and include many new opportunities for some very fortunate young people. Thank you again for all you've done for Mattie.

Alex Cole - May, 2012

Spotlight has given me more than I could ever ask for these past seven years.  The teachers have impacted me so much and really you have made me the dancer I am today.  Having you as my teacher for the Rockette dance way back at the beginning really made me fall in love with dancing and  performing.  I really do give full credit to Spotlight for giving me the chance to be a part of company and making me love dance so much…I thank you so much for providing me with all these amazing performances, I mean the Carpenter Center is something I never will forget! Spotlight has been like my second home and I have enjoyed it so much. Thank you for doing all that you have done.

Heather Phelps - May, 2012

Thank you for your time, love, commitment and encouragement you all have given to my family over the years.

Erin Niciphor - May, 2012

I want to say thank you for all that you have done for me over the past 7 years.  I have learned so much from you and will always be grateful for what you have taught me.  I auditioned for the Cosby show choir recently, and will be competing next season, I don’t think it would have been  possible without you.

Orr Family - May, 2011

We love the family atmosphere that abounds at Spotlight. The teachers are fabulous at what they do.  While teaching dance fundamentals they also instill a sense of importance and self respect to the dancers. The choreography is fantastic.

Donna Villiott - May, 2011

Spotlight has been the most positive experience for our daughter Catherine.  She adores her instructors and simply loves the relationships with her fellow company dancers.  I love the fact that Spotlight is not a “competitive” studio of dancers, but a studio that focuses on the  development of the art of dancing and giving back to the community.  We respect the overall integrity of the whole Spotlight program and its owner, Pam Butler.  I highly recommend Spotlight to anyone! 


Debbie Halloway - May, 2011

My family became a part of the Spotlight family in the fall of 2009. My then, 7 year old daughter, wanted to take a Tap class, so we signed her up for Tap 1 with Ms. Kara.  Her twin brother said that he wished he could take a Hip-Hop class.  Spotlight offered a boys only hip hop class, so we signed him up as well, with Ms. Adelle.  As the year progressed, so did my children. They made new friends, learned new moves, and also learned that whatever talent level they were……it was good enough.  There was no pressure to be the very best, or  beat out anyone else….just to have fun and love dancing.  At recital time, my daughter looked like a little girl loving tap…..not all made up to look like a teenager, which I appreciated.  My son “transformed” into a dancer!  The boys hip hop class started a journey into a world that he embraced more than I could ever imagine.  He  was invited to become a part of Wee Company, a group of children who  love to dance and perform and express their joy of dance with everyone.  We have only experienced one other dance studio in our lives, and it was no where near the atmosphere of Spotlight.  This is truly a special place! Miss Pam loves these students and makes each one feel special. Her attitude is contagious among her staff,  as each one goes above and beyond.  My children love all of their instructors and have told me that they never want to dance anywhere else. That’s all I need to hear!

Linda Woods - May, 2011

We began dancing with the Spotlight studio years ago when they first  opened their location in Woodlake Commons. What started as just a place  to take a class or two became a love of dance for two of my three kids  who have found many friends through this inspirational and energizing  studio. Spotlight’s commitment to the community and desire to have the  dancers love to dance rather than only striving to win a medal or trophy  is what really drew us to this amazing dance studio. I cannot thank the  team enough at Spotlight for opening my children’s eyes to a world of  beauty shown through dance.