Your Questions... Answered.

Q: What color tights does my child need?

A: Any class with Ballet will need pink tights. All other classes will need skin colored tights.

Q: What happens if my child misses a class?

A: If your child will miss class, please inform the front desk so that they can relay the message to the teacher(s).  You are always more than welcome to make up that class by taking another class that week!

Q: What should I wear for class, Is there a Dress Code?

A:  Yes. We have a dress code.  The simple leotard and tights make it possible for the instructors to see  the dancers' bodies so they can make the proper corrections.  Baggy clothing inhibits the instructor’s ability to make corrections.  We ask that the dancers do not wear ballet skirts, baggy shirts or jewelry during classes.

**For ballet, black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers (black ballet tights, white shirt, black ballet shoes for boys).  Hair in a bun and no extra clothing (skirts, etc.)

**For jazz, black leotard, black jazz pants, leggings or shorts, tan tights, tan jazz shoes

**For hip hop, leotard and tights recommended, with leggings, shorts, sweat pants, tank tops and shirts pulled over are okay.

**For contemporary/Modern, black leotard, tan tights, bare feet, black shorts or leggings are acceptable as well.

Q: How should hair be done?

A:  Hair must be worn up and off the face for all classes, no exceptions.  Hair must be in a bun for ALL ballet classes.

Q: Can we try a class before committing?

A: Yes! Try any one class for free to ensure the right fit for your dancer!

Q: Do you close for inclement weather?

A:  Yes.  We follow Chesterfield County Public School's Schedule for inclement weather closings. We do NOT make up classes that have been cancelled for inclement weather.

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes! See the front desk for more details!

Q: Do you give private lessons?

A: Yes private lessons are available with instructors in all of our offered genres.  See the front desk.  Subject to availability of the instructor. 

Q: How many students are needed to hold a class?

A:  Classes need a minimum of 6 to hold it's place on the schedule.  If a class closes, students can choose another class, or will be thoughtfully placed/combined with another class.

Q: When does your "season" begin and do you have open enrollment year-round?

A:  Our season runs September - June each year. Our annual recital is held in June. We accept new enrollment until late in the year so long as the desired classes have not reached maximum enrollment.

Q: Does Spotlight Compete?

A:  There are great studios that compete and great studios that don’t compete.  We are not a competition studio, we concentrate rather on building well rounded dancers through excellence in training, instruction, experience, elevation and expression.

Q: How do you communicate with families?

A:  Our primary source of communication is TeamApp (see the social media tab to download for free) and email. We ask that everyone provide us with a current email address, and download TeamApp on their smartphones so that they can stay updated with the happenings, rehearsals, closings etc.  We also communicate via text messages,  Facebook, instagram, and occasional handouts and newsletters. It is our goal to keep everyone informed. You are always welcome to call, email, or stop by the studio with any questions.

Q: What is TeamApp?

This is an App for Spotlight right on your smartphone, tablet or laptop!

You can download Team App (FREE) from your app stores or online with laptops, tablets etc. ( from a computer)
Or go to online.

EVERYONE  that dances or has a child in dance, or just loves our studio (alumni)  is invited to join the Spotlight Studio of Dance App! (Parents, Company, Teens, Tweens, Adults, and even Alumni!! )  It is the MOST IMPORTANT way to get all of the information that our #spotfam needs to live the #spotlife!  Yay!

Once you have download the App,  search for Spotlight Studio of Dance and for your specific track or Company (ex. Spotlight Youth Dancers, Spotlight Company Parents, Spotlight Teen Dancers, etc), and become a member (click on MY MEMBERSHIP on the top right).  Once you're in, create a PROFILE add some pics and a bio and you're all set!

***We encourage all Company Parents to join the general Spotlight team as well as Spotlight Company Parents.  As a company parent and not a dancer, you won't have access to the specific company teams.  Instead, within your Parent "team" you WILL have specific to that information as well through "access groups" which are labeled according to company.  This way you can have all the information you need without looking  through information that does not apply to you or your dancer! Yay!  No worries, We can place you into the right group if you are not sure what group to request access to! 

If you need any help or assistance with the app, have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email with any questions you may have!  

Q: Can parents observe classes?

A: Absolutely!  At Spotlight, we have an open door policy! We also have windows outside of the studio as well.  Feel free to stay and watch, or drop-off/Pick-up your child. 

Q: Is there a separate costume fee?

A:  No. Costumes are included with the tuition.